Ambysemy and eurisemy as phenomena in term semantic structure (Based on English IT-terminology)

The article investigates such semantic phenomena as ambisemy and eurisemy, and how they are implemented in definitions of English IT-terms and lexical meanings of those determinologised lexical units. The research data is based on both English professional dictionaries and general English online dictionaries.

Scientific Pictures of the World and Their Variants in the Russian Language

The article discusses the factors influencing the development of variability of scientific pictures of the world based on the material of science’ and humanities’ terminologies in the Russian language. The correlation of the concepts ‘naïve picture of the world’, ‘scientific picture of the world’, ‘professional picture of the world’, as well as the typology of variants of scientific pictures of the world are considered.

IT-Nomens and Their Function in Mass Media (Based on Some English and Russian Languages Data)

The article studies the function of IT-nomens in mass-media. Differentiation of terms and nomens is of the outmost importance in the study of terminology in general and IT-terminology in particular. Mutual intervention of various aspects of social activity also causes the exchange of their terminological units.

Functions of Classical Languages in Scientific Communication

Classical languages in the scientific communication of the early modern period could be the language of written text, the source of borrowed vocabulary (these functions are now lost); the foundation for creating lists and symbols (these systems are used but are hardly ever replenished); sources of morpheme borrowing (such morphemes are widely used in term formation of the modern languages).

Structural Peculiarities of IT Terms Containing Proper Nouns (based on English Terminological Dictionaries)

Some theoretical aspects of eponyms’ usage in terminology are studied
in the article. The authors provide a classification of various patterns
which model the formation of the composite IT terminological

Contrastive Analysis of the Term Metonymy in the Sphere of Fixation (on the Material of the Russian and German Languages)

The article considers definitions of the term metonymy as a part of the term system of means of stylistic expressiveness on the material of the German and Russian languages. The present research focuses on the necessity of using linguistic methods of describing this section of rhetoric. The author suggests describing the term of this section of rhetoric as a unit of logos. The method of lexical and notional groups is chosen as a way of description.