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Spanish language

Language Manipulation as a Factor of Cooperative Communication in Spanish Newspaper and Opinion Journalism Discourse

The article considers discursive mechanisms of influencing the mind of information recipients in the Spanish language media space. Language manipulation is not always used for the purpose of impacting the recipient in the environment of conflict communication. The pragmalinguistic strategy of manipulation can serve as a means of bringing discursive positions closer and of creating cooperative communication.

Discourse Strategy of the Spanish Political Party Podemos: Politics as a Struggle for Meanings

Language and politics are inseparably linked with each other as political action is, first of all, a speech action, and political processes are communicative processes and are constituted by means of language. In the article the communication policy of the Spanish political party Podemos is innovatively considered not only as an object, but also as the subject of reality, otherwise, as a way to form and model political reality.

Contemporary Issues of Teaching Spanish in a Higher Education Institution

The authors of the article consider issues and features of teaching Spanish to the students of higher education schools: the role of teaching the second foreign language in a school of higher education nowadays is revealed, the most relevant theoretical and methodological aspects of this process are analyzed. Teaching the second foreign language in a higher education institution should focus on communication, and have practical, functional and skill-based approach.

On the specifi c features of legal translation (A comparative study of the German, French and Spanish languages)

Legal terms are not uniform at the international level, but they are closely connected with a national legal system. This implies serious conceptual inconsistencies. The above-mentioned systemic connection leads to the fact that either boundaries of terms’ meanings belonging to diff erent jurisdictions or the degree of their explication may vary.