Journalism of the early 2020s: Challenges of the time

The article presents the chronicle of the XVII German-Russian Media Forum, held in November, 2020, in Saratov State University as part of the Year of Germany in Russia. The text highlights the main trends in the development of mass media in the early 2020s.


The belonging of the Dead Souls to the genre of the epic (ancient and medieval) poem about wars and wanderings (including the world beyond the grave) is the original author's installation, and not only Chichikov's "Adventures", but also the military theme in its various aspects is an immanent component text. Chichikov - the bearer of an alien, non-Russian mentality, invading Russian realities, and therefore the parallel between Chichikov and Napoleon is consistently carried through the entire text of the poem.

Collisions of ‘Light and Shadow’ in the Modern Russian Literature: Three Short Novels of 2015

The article considers collisions of ‘light and shadow’ in the modern Russian reality on the material of three Russian short novels of 2015.

A Short Story by A. I. Solzhenitsyn «The New Generation»: From the Past to the Present

The article analyzes the ideas in A. I. Solzhenitsyn’s short story «The New Generation», the peculiarities of the conflict of tradition and innovation in post-revolutionary Russia (1920–1930s) and its relevance for modern Russia.