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Presentation of the Book

The article is dedicated to the book:

Клоков В. Т. Французский язык во Франции. Особенности социально-территориальной вариативности. – Саратов : Изд-во Сарат. ун-та, 2011. – 424 с. – (Территориальные варианты романских языков).

A. N. Pypin in the Creative Biography of B. B. Glinsky

A. N. Pypin helped many beginning writers to identify their path. B. B. Glinsky was among them. Significant biographical facts related to the history of the writers’ relationships are revealed in understudied printed sources and archive materials introduced into the scientific circulation for the first time.


The proposed article is included in a series of articles under the general title "Creative Portrait of NA. Field in the literary memories of the 1850s - early 1860's. ", Already published in various scientific publications. Widely known memoirs of this period create a single historico-literary context with AI's literary criticism. Herzen, N.G. Chernyshevsky and A.V. Druzhinin, from the new, modern positions summed up in the middle of the century the results of the thirty-year development of Russian literature.

“Courage and Audacity…” (N. Ya. Abramovich about M. A. Lokchvitskaya)

The article discusses the critical responses of N. Ya. Abramovich devoted to the work of the brightest representative of the Russian female poetry of the 19–20th centuries, M. A. Lokhvitskaya. Deep and extraordinary assessments of the critic seem to be a significant milestone in the comprehension of her lyrics, and play a significant role in determining the place of the poetess in the literary space of the era.