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poet’s prose

Derzhavin before Derzhavin by Viktor Sosnora: the Potential the Genre and Composition Meaning

The article is dedicated to the poetics of a historic work by V. Sosnora Derzhavin before Derzhavin. The main focus is on the potential of the genre foundation (a cycle of essays) and composition meaning. Those are viewed as ways of creating a subjective author’s image of a historic figure – a poet and a statesman.

The Image Semantics of Windows and Doors in M. Tsvetaeva’s Autobiographical Prose

This article is devoted to one of the understudied aspects of M. Tsvetaeva’s prose – the study of the image semantics of windows and doors in the mythopoetics of the house. In the study of the poet’s autobiographical myth it is necessary to take into account that the house, as an archetype, correlates with the inner world of the person; it is the center of the human universe.