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opinion journalism

Poetry of the Battle Field and of the Rear Area: N. Gumilev and G. Ivanov

The article offers formal criteria of differentiating the military poetry of N. Gumilev from the opinion journalism poetry of G. Ivanov (collection «Fame Memorial»): communicative structure of the poem; the image of the speaker – the image of the rhetorician; tropes preferred; the system of metaphoric models and the ingenuity of their content; figures of speech; the degree of speech being clichéd, etc.

A. A. Fet and D. A. Stolypin: A dialogue on the peasants’ land ownership (On the material of unpublished letters)

The article presents an analytical review of D. A. Stolypin’s unpublished letters to A. A. Fet, dated back to 1889–1892. The article considers the relationship between the authors, defi nes the reasons for their bonding and further friendly communication. Discussing the issues of agricultural development in Russia is central in Stolypin’s letters to Fet, both correspondents having dedicated opinion articles to these questions.