short story


The article examines the nature of the influence of creativity Flaubert and Turgenev on subjects, subjects, the nature of the psychologism of novels and short stories by Maupassant in the context of the views of all three writers on the contemporary novel.


Poetics of I. Ilf’s Novella The Master of the Jews

The article considers the poetics of the novella The Master of the Jews by I. Ilf first published in 2003. The author considers the image system of the text and the features of the artistic statements, which allow to draw the conclusion about the significance of The Master of the Jews as a praetext of the kind for the works of I. Ilf and E. Petrov.

Self-quotе and Self-reminiscence in Gaston Leroux’s Novels

The article considers self-referential items in the oeuvre of Gaston Leroux – the master of a popular novel – particularly on the example of the Rouletabille cycle. The author pays closer attention to the novel Rouletabille and the Tsar in which Leroux inserted the data from his earlier articles and sketches about Russia.

Irish Sagas as a National Prototype of the Modern English Short Story

In the article Irish sagas are analyzed as a source defining national originality of the development of the short story genre in Great Britain. Specific aesthetic features of the sagas, allowing to consider them the short story predecessors, are revealed through the prism of oral and written tradition synthesis.