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Linguistic Parameters of the Strategy of Legitimizing the European Union and Delegitimizing B. al-Assad in the British Political Discourse

The article carries out the analysis of the linguistic means involved in the realization of the strategy of legitimizing the European Union/ Great Britain and the strategy of delegitimizing the Syrian President B. al-Assad on the materials of the British politicians’ talks on the topic of the Syrian military conflict and the international suppression of terrorism.

The Features of Substantive Polysemy of Regionalisms of the French Language in France

The article reviews the features of polysemic nouns in the French language in France. A detailed classification of metaphoric and metonymic models of polysemic substantive regionalisms is given.

Peculiarities of Substantive Polysemy of the Russian Language Regionalisms

The article is dedicated to the peculiarities of polysemous nouns of the Russian language. A detailed classification of the metaphoric and metonymic models of polysemous substantive regionalisms is presented.


The approach proposed in the article to the idiost of G. Ivanov is based on the hypothesis of a two-level structure of the poetic conceptosphere, which includes the concepts of author's consciousness on the one hand and more complex conceptual structures-cognitive models of interaction of concepts-on the other. The article considers such forms of organization of the conceptual space of idiostyle, as metaphorical and metonymic cognitive models.