mass culture

Vectors of culture

This is a review of a collected volume of articles prepared by Professor M. Stroganov for his 70th Anniversary. The book intertwines two main academic interests of the author, mixed up in a special, unique to the researcher, methodological paradigm. These are the attention to the literary or folklore text as well as the focus on the diversity of Russian culture in its broadest spectrum: song and singing, music and painting, and the various facets of the theatrical arts.

The ‘Boulevard’ Theatre of Jean Cocteau

The article discusses the dramatic works of the French writer Jean Cocteau, namely the pieces of the so-called ‘Boulevard theatre’ period, written from 1927 to 1941. The analysis of the author’s metatext allows to reveal the ideological explanation of Cocteau turning to new genre models. The intertextual analysis also clarifies the place of the ‘Boulevard’ plays in the evolution of Cocteau as a playwright.