literary life

N. Ognev in the Literary Life of the 1930s

In the 1930s N. Ognev, the author of Kostya Ryabtsev’s Diary, takes part in the activities of the Union of Writers, reviews the manuscripts of emerging authors, hosts a literary club, develops ideas on how to restructure the work of the writers’ union. In the records and marginal notes a didactic intonation is discernible. For the first time the materials of N. Ognev’s archive are introduced into scientific discourse.

Literary Life of 1920–1922 on the Pages of the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News)

In the article literary life of the Soviet Russia of the years 1920-1922 is analyzed as it was reflected in the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee). The main components of this life are investigated, literary soirees, formation of new literary organizations and institutions, literary competitions, and writers’ names among them.