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literary language

Metaphorization of the Computer Slang Lexis (on the material of the English language)

The role of metaphor in the formation of the modern computer slang is analyzed in the article. The main groups of lexis are singled out; they are used as the source of the figurative slang meanings formation; they are compared with the general language tendencies; the system of metaphorization sources is researched as the reflection of the unique world picture of this certain idiom.

The place of kitzdeutch in the literary German language

The article analyzes the main defi nitions of the concept of „language norm“ by domestic and foreign linguists of the early 20–21st centuries. Thus, the dichotomy of F. de Saussure “language” and “speech” is considered, on the basis of which most studies of the concept of “norm” were built. The defi nitions of the norm given by E. Coseriu, representatives of the Prague Linguistic Circle are analyzed. The social and dynamic nature of the language norm is revealed in the defi nitions of Russian scientists: A. M. Peshkovsky, S. I. Ozhegov, D. N.