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literary criticism

«Chekhov Review» of the Journal Zavety (Covenants) (1912–1914)

Journal Zavety (Covenants) focused primarily on Russian classical literature. The article considers several points of view on the personality and legacy of Chekhov that the journal offered to its readers; similar and controversial aspects are distinguished; the outline of the edition programme attitude to the writer is traced.

The Author’s Preface to the Lifetime Complete Works of D. S. Merezhkovsky

In the article on D.S. Merezhkovsky’s example the question on the nature and appointment of author’s prefaces to lifetime complete works of Russian writers is brought up. The author comes to a conclusion about genre similarity of the considered preface of D. S. Merezhkovsky to a confession and sermon.

History of One Seminar

The article is dedicated to the history of professor Nikitina's seminar (Saratov State University).

International Scientific Conference «N. Chernyshevsky and his Epoch»

The article is dedicated to XXXV International Scientific Conference «N. Chernyshevsky and his Epoch» (24–25 October 2013, The Chernyshevsky Museum).

Boris Borisovich Glinsky about Alexandr Nikolayevich Pypin

A lot of research addresses A. N. Pypin’s life and oeuvre but the aspect of his biography is not given sufficient attention to. The sketch by B. B. Glinsky is one of such papers that has not yet excited any interest. Addressing the forgotten publication in the journal Istorichesky Vestnik (History Journal) allows not only to reconsider some facts and episodes of Pypin’s activity from a new perspective, but also to identify the peculiarities of his creative style, and highlight intrinsic genre criteria of a critical and biographical article.

National Poetry of the Turn of XIX–XXth in the Evaluation by V. F. Savodnik

The article presents the point of view of V. F. Savodnik – a leading literary reviewer of Russkiy vestnik (Russian Bulletin) in 1900-1901s – on the issue of the development of contemporary national poetry; it is explained why the reviewer’s opinions were unconventional for the members of the journal writers.

Leonid Andreev’s Oeuvre in the Evaluation of Russkiy Vestnik (The Russian Bulletin)

The article considers the attitudes of N. M. Sokolov and N. Ya. Stechkin – the leading critics of the journal Russkiy Vestnik in 1902–1906 – to the oeuvre of Leonid Andreev and to its place in the readers’ minds. The article shows to what extent the critical evaluations depended on the topics unfolded in the author’s works.

The Fiction and Reality Relationship in the Literary Criticism of the New Journals of the Second Half of the 1990s

The literary critics of the second half of the 1990s who analyzed the evolution of the literary process can be split into two groups: traditionalists who stood up for the dominance of fiction in poetry and prose, and those who supported non-fiction.