linguistic picture of the world

The Concept ‘Pioneer’ in the Russian Linguistic Picture of the World

This article presents a comprehensive cognitive-oriented study of the concept ‘Pioneer’ in the linguistic picture of the world of the representatives of the Russian culture. The analysis of various lexicographic sources allowed the author to identify a generalized prototype of the concept and obligatory characteristics that reflect its value-based evaluative perception.

Metaphorization of Sport Terminology in the Modern Russian Language

The article considers the formation and functioning of figurative meanings in the 21st century on the basis of modern Russian sports terminology. The main sources of metaphorization, semantics of transfers and regular models of metaphorical transformation are analyzed in linguistic and cognitive aspects. The stability and consistency of the formation and functioning of the studied metaphors are noted.

Financial and Economic Metaphors in the English Slang

The article considers the models of forming metaphorical shifts in slang on the basis of the ‘Property and Exchange Relationships’ semantic field in the modern English language (its American variant). Target areas are revealed and analyzed from the statistical and cognitive perspectives.

The Idiom as a Way of Representing the Linguistic Picture of the World (on the Material of the Arab Phraseological Units with the Component «Hat»)

The article analyzes Arabic idioms with the nominations of headwear. The structure and semantics of the members of this group are identified. The role of these idioms in representing the linguistic picture of the world of Arab ethnicity is determined.

Semantic Field «Food» as a Means of Russian Idiom Formation

The article analyzes Russian idioms comprising the members of the semantic field «Food». The frequency of occurrence of different field members is identified as a source of idiom formation. The role of these idioms in representing the Russian linguistic picture of the world is determined.

Financial Terminology as a Source of Metaphoric Expansion in Modern Russian Slang

The article deals with the concept of slang, its functioning in modern Russian, which is being examined on the material of metaphors based on the lexis of financial and economic spheres. The metaphoric models are also presented, as well as the target areas typical to the semantic fields under consideration.