Latin Heritage in Russian Morphemics: Adjectives with Final -alny

The material of the study presents adjectives of Latin origin with final-alny in modern Russian. This final is a morphemic complex. This can be interpreted in three ways, depending on the word-formation relations of specific adjectives. It may be a single suffix; a suffix with a submorph -n-; a suffix -n- attached to the root in -al-.

Functions of Classical Languages in Scientific Communication

Classical languages in the scientific communication of the early modern period could be the language of written text, the source of borrowed vocabulary (these functions are now lost); the foundation for creating lists and symbols (these systems are used but are hardly ever replenished); sources of morpheme borrowing (such morphemes are widely used in term formation of the modern languages).

Linguistic Terms of Latin Origin: Etymology or Derivation?

The article highlights differences between root morphemes and radixoids of Latin origin in the structure of linguistic terms and specific units of term formation – term elements.