Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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L. N. Andreev

Z. I. Grzhebin and the Literary-artistic Almanacs of Shipovnik (dog-rose) Publishing House

The article presents an attempt to define the role of Z. I. Grzhebin in a pre-revolutionary publishing company – the Literary-Artistic Almanacs of Shipovnik Publishing House (1907-1917) in order to determine his contribution as the company’s founder and co-owner, and to find out certain relationships with Shipovnik’s staff.

Leonid Andreev’s Oeuvre in the Evaluation of Russkiy Vestnik (The Russian Bulletin)

The article considers the attitudes of N. M. Sokolov and N. Ya. Stechkin – the leading critics of the journal Russkiy Vestnik in 1902–1906 – to the oeuvre of Leonid Andreev and to its place in the readers’ minds. The article shows to what extent the critical evaluations depended on the topics unfolded in the author’s works.