Евграф Иванович Покусаев

Yu. M. Lotman’s Letter to E. I. Pokusayev

For the first time the letter of Yu. M. Lotman, a Tartu University Professor, to E. I. Pokusayev, a Saratov University Professor, is published and accompanied with necessary comments. In his letter Yu. M. Lotman requests that Estonian students sent to study philology in Saratov are given help and support.

Evgraf Ivanovich Pokusaev and Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov: a Dialogue in 5 Documents

To the centenary of the education in humanities at Saratov University


For the first time the documents are published and commented on which shed light on the assistance that a Saratov university literary scholar E. I. Pokusaev rendered to a famous out-of-favor director of a Moscow Taganka Theatre Yu. L. Lyubimov in staging the performance on N. G. Chernyshevsky’s novel What Is to Be done?