Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1817-7115 (Print)
ISSN 2541-898X (Online)


Time as One of the Event Structure Key Parameters (Based on Russian Verbal Associations)

The article deals with the problem of how a stimulus type influences the direction of giving answers in an associative experiment. Based on the analysis of reactions representing such an event structure component as «Event time and duration», event names are shown to be a specific stimuli type causing reactions which differ from those caused by stimuli of other types.

Associative Field of the Event Name

The article deals with the analysis of associative fields formed by stimuli with event meaning, it describes the procedure of marking out the structural slots, typical of stimuli which name events.

Event and Its Participants (Based on the Associative Fields of Event Stimuli)

The article deals with event structure in the form in which it is reflected in the associative fields of the event names. The emphasis is made on the slot «Event participants», marked out in the procedure of the frame analysis of event stimuli’s associative fields. Different types of events are shown to have their own typical sets of participants; further analysis is made to mark out the participants’ ontological varieties, as well as the roles performed by them in what is going on.