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Linguistic and Rhetorical Parameters of Delegitimizing Russia and Legitimizing the USA in the Speech of the U. S. Ambassadors to the UN

In the article the author conducts the research of linguistic means and rhetorical techniques applied in implementing the strategy of delegitimizing Russia and legitimizing the USA in the addresses of the U. S. ambassadors to the UN Samantha Power and David Pressman, dedicated to the topic of the 2015–2016 military conflict in Syria.

Euphemisms as a Means of Concealing the Negative Facts of Reality in Speeches by US Secretary of State M. Pompeo

The article researches the peculiarities of the use of euphemisms in the speeches by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo which deal with the civil war in Yemen in 2015–2018, Saudi Arabia’s military participation in this war and the investigation of the murder of journalist J. Hashoggi in October of 2018.