Е. И. Покусаев

Philological Coming of Age

This publication presents the author’s recollections of the first professional undergraduate training of Saratov University philology students in Leningrad in the winter of 1960, of the meetings with D. S. Likhachev and N. K. Piksanov.

А. F. Pisemskiy’s Novel A Thousand Souls in Contemporaneous Critical Reviews

The article contains an overall systematic and comparative analysis of the critical reviews on A. F. Pisemsky’s novel A Thousand Souls in the contemporaneous printed media. The analysis is done from the following points: journal discussion of the type of Pisemsky’s talent, innovations in the image of the main character, and the novel problem range and its relation to the «accusatory literature» of the 1850s.

Yu. N. Chumakov, A. P. Skaftymov and the Saratov Philological ‘Nest’

The article discusses the important episodes of the history of Saratov philological school associated with the names of Yu. N. Chumakov, A. P. Skaftymov, E. I. Pokusaev.