The Spiritualization of Everyday Life: Way of Life and Existence in the Diaries of B. Shergin and Memoir Prose of S. Durylin

The article considers the spiritual experience of everyday life perception reflected and imprinted in the diaries and memoirs of the Russian writers Boris Shergin and Sergey Durylin. A Christian outlook and perception of the world endows the writers with a special organ of vision, which transforms the fabric of everyday life, making it a true being, rooted in eternity and in God.

Unpublished Notebooks of M. M. Zoshchenko. An Attempt at Description

The article focuses on the notebooks of M. M. Zoshchenko. The materials from the museums of St. Petersburg, IRLI (the Institute of Russian Literature), and, first of all, of the funds of the State Literary Museum «XXth century». M. M. Zoshchenko’s working notebooks, pocket-books are undoubtedly the most important source for the scientific biography of the writer. They represent the test-bench or the testing ground for the development, masks, plots, a range of techniques in the course of M. M. Zoshchenko’s oeuvre.

A. I. Solzhenitsyn in K. I. Chukovsky’s Diaries and Letters

The history of the two writers’ interaction is traced on the material of K. I. Chukovsky’s diaries and letters.