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Derzhavin before Derzhavin by Viktor Sosnora: the Potential the Genre and Composition Meaning

The article is dedicated to the poetics of a historic work by V. Sosnora Derzhavin before Derzhavin. The main focus is on the potential of the genre foundation (a cycle of essays) and composition meaning. Those are viewed as ways of creating a subjective author’s image of a historic figure – a poet and a statesman.

«Composition Carrying Towards the Ultimate Freedom»: To the Issue of the Point of View in A. I. Solzhenitsyn’s Novel «The First Circle»

The issue of the point of view in the composition of A. I. Solzhenitsyn’s novel «The First Circle» is regarded in the article by means of the structural analysis of its components based on the methodology by B. A. Uspensky.

Shipovnik (Rose Tree) Almanac: an Integrating Context (on the Material of the Third Book, 1908)

The article reveals external and internal factors contributing to the formation of an integrating context of the third book of Shipovnik Publishing House Literary-Artistic Almanac (1908): the design of the book and composition are being examined, the motives of the almanac’s texts are analyzed.

The «First Moscow Notebook» and the Issue of the Great Form in Mandelstam’s Poetry of the 1930s

The article deals with the issues of cyclization in Mandelstam’s poetry of the beginning of the 1930s, based on the materials of the «First Moscow notebook». The object of study is the hierarchy of different types of lyrical entities and some tendencies in the formation of the book of poems in the late works of Mandelstam.

Uncollected Cycle by O. Mandelstam to the Memory of Andrey Bely (Problems of Composition and Genre)

The article focuses on the group of Mandelstam’s poems dedicated to Andrey Bely and shows that this group constitutes an uncollected cycle associated with the archaic attributes of the requiem genre. The analysis of the cycle composition leads to the assumption that variability becomes one of the cyclization factors here.

Poems of Goldfinch and Their Place in Mandelstam’s Second Voronezh Notebook. Article one

The article is devoted to Mandelstam’s unfinished cycle of goldfinch and its diverse connections to poems of the Second Voronezh Notebook. The author of the article reveals some hidden meanings of the goldfinch poems and connections within the central section of Voronezh Notebooks by analyzing the draft manuscript and the final version.

Ways of Creating Psychological Portraits of the Characters in Pasternak’s Novel Doctor Zhivago

The article substantiates the conclusion that the basis of the psychological portraits of many characters, as well as of the composition of the novel Doctor Zhivago, contains parallelism and isomorphism; and their compositional unity allows the author to reveal the family and spiritual affinity of the characters, as well as to express his position.

Letters in the Plot and Composition of the Novel by B. L. Pasternak Doctor Zhivago

The article substantiates the conclusion that the correspondence of the characters in Pasternak’s novel is a plot-motivated complex multilayered system of written communication based on the family idea, expanded by a system of inter-textual links.

Montage in the Novel by E. Bowen Eva Trout or Changing Scenes

The article considers montage as a major means of developing compositional text structure in the novel by an Irish-English writer E. Bowen (1899–1973) Eva Trout or Changing Scenes. Isolated instances of montage are analyzed as well as its meaning on the scale of the whole novel.

The Image of the Sky in Siberian Stories and Essays of V. G. Korolenko

The article considers the image of the sky as a key element of the verbal landscape of V. G. Korolenko’s Siberian cycle of stories and essays. Its main functional features defining plot and compositional integrity of the works, folk-mythological origins of components of the figurative system of landscape paintings and artistic potential of ‘celestial’ symbols are identified.