English borrowings in modern Russian. On the problem of linguistic tolerance

The article studies English borrowings in modern Russian. One of the main factors of borrowing is globalization which resulted in closer cooperation between countries at the turn of the centuries. One of the central problems of sociolinguistics is exponentially intensive interrelation of languages in the modern world. The predictions of perspectives and evaluation of its results for the Russian language have been changing during the last several decades.

Specific Characteristics of English Borrowingsin German and Spanish

The article studies the process of borrowing, adaptation and functioning of English vocabulary in national dialects of German and Spanish. The positive and negative factors of the English borrowings influencing these languages are examined.


The study of family nominations is an integral part of a different-aspect study of family communication and speech. In the article anthropocentric foreshortening examines the nominations of food and food, reveals the general and specific features of the lexicon of different families.

Foreign Words in the Russian Press of Tajikistan: Ways of Incorporation Into the Text

The article deals with foreign words in the Russian media in Tajikistan, primarily borrowing from the Tajik (Persian) and the English languages. Ways, causes, and methods of loan word implementation into the Russian text of the Republic of Tajikistan are explained.