The Image of the Volga in Skitalets’s (S. G. Petrov) Early Works

This article describes the creation of the image of the Volga in the early works of Skitalets (S. G. Petrov, 1869–1941). The artistic world of the writer is filled with natural images, which are drawn mainly in a romantic way. The landscapes of Skitalets are mostly bright and colorful, although there are accurate realistic sketches. Also, the Volga can play the role of a psychological ‘accompaniment’, and can become the ideal embodiment of the proper state of the world.

N. G. Chernyshevsky in the Criticism of the 1930s. L. B. Kamenev and others

The article discusses the fate and some characteristic traits of the personality, as well as controversial issues of N. G. Chernyshevsky’s biography, uncovered in the forgotten book by L. B. Kamenev Chernyshevsky (1933), an insightful phenomenon of the Soviet humanities of the 1930s, which allows us to relate the moral experience and the tragedy of the revolutionary Democrat, the deep sense of his aesthetics and ethics to the problems of the Soviet reality the 1920–1930s.