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Kabanova I. V. Английская путевая проза и «Письма из Исландии» Одена и Макниса. Journal Izvestiya of Saratov University. Philology. Journalism, 2005, vol. 5, iss. 1, pp. 165-172. DOI: , EDN: KFAUA

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Английская путевая проза и «Письма из Исландии» Одена и Макниса

Kabanova Irina Valeryevna, Saratov State University

The articie contains а survey of the tradition of travel narratives in English literature from the ХVI century аn well аn of the current critical concepts of the genre of travels. It offers а perspective оп the state of the genre in the English literature of the 1930-s аnd analyzes W.H. Auden and Louis McNiece's «Letters from lceland» (1937) аs а representative text of е period. This travel book happens to be centered around Auden's major poem of the thirties — «А Letter Lordto Вугоn», hence the analysis is focused оn this poem.,

Key words: 
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