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A. Solzhenitsyn

Cultural Life of Saint Petersburg in the 1910 (Theatre, Cinema, Home Salons) in the Red Wheel by A. I. Solzhenitsyn

In the article Saint Petersburg’s cultural life is represented on the example of theater, cinema and home salons functioning in the period of the «shaking revolution», the history of which is recreated in detail in the Red Wheel by A. I. Solzhenitsyn.

‘Knots’ of History as Depicted by M. Aldanov and A. Solzhenitsyn

In the article the author carries out a comparative analysis of historic and philosophical concepts of M. Aldanov and A. Solzhenitsyn based on the novel «The Sources» and the narration within a measured time period «Red Wheel» («August 1914»). The issue of the role of an occasion in history and in the fate of one person is considered, as well as the comprehension of the ‘sources’ and consequences of the Russian revolution and the shift of the epic genre boundaries in the ХХ century literature.

Illness as a Social and Political Metaphor in Literature and Journalism of the ХХth Century

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the morbid metaphors employed in depicting social and political events of the Russian history of the XXth century on the material of literary and journalistic texts. Aesthetic and pragmatic functions of these metaphors are researched.


The article reviews the estimates of A.P. Chekhov "In the Ravine" writers of the twentieth century. (L. Tolstoy, M. Gorky, E. Zamyatin, V. Nabokov, I. Bunin, B. Zaitsev, K. Chukovsky, A. Solzhenitsyn). Writers are primarily interested in the artistic nature of the story, pay attention to the close and important features of poetics. As a result, the conclusion is drawn about the versatility of the story of A.P. Chekhov, as