A Word about the Author

The experience of a dictionary entry ‘Author’ offered here provides essential help in mastering the course of “Introduction into Literary Studies” and deals with the meanings of one of the key notions of philology. Some general ideas are presented: of the author as a biographic individual, of the author as the creator of a literary text, of the implicit author, and of the two approaches outlined in the XX century to the issue of the reader and author relationship.

Dialog with a Reader in Victor Pelevin’s Prose Works: Author’s Strategies and Risks (the Collection «The Pineapple Water for the Beautiful Lady»)

The article is a literary analysis of the categories of «in-text author» and «in-text reade» as active components of the literary text poetics on the material of Victor Pelevin’s prose works. One of the main goals of this research focused on the reader problem is to get closer to the understanding of the modern Russian writer’s author’s strategy.

Fictional and Factual Narrative in «Daniel Stein, Interpreter» by L. Ulitskaya

The article studies genre strategy in «Daniel Stein, Interpreter» by L. Ulitskaya. The genre of the novel enables the author along with the third-person narrative to apply stylization of different forms of everyday life narration and records, to introduce the writer’s letters into fiction. Blurring the boundaries between fictional and factual principles in her work, L. Ulitskaya expands the range of reader’s interpretations.