The Problem of Perception Online Text by Reader

The article shows how and why the role and the portrait of modern Internet reader are being transformed.

Communicative and Pragmatic Characteristics of «Live Journal» and «Twitter» Internet Genres

In the article pragmatic and communicative characteristics of the Internet communication genres are described. The problem of forming the communicative environment of genres web 2.0 is demonstrated on the example of «Live Journal» and «Twitter» Internet genres.

«The Diary of Literaturnaya Gazeta» as a Form of Reality Reflection in the Middle of 1930s

The article analyzes the material column «The Diary of Literaturnaya Gazeta» and investigates their importance for the development of the paper as a confident newspaper and an expert in the field of literature and art.

«Love at First Sight» (1991 vs. 2011): the Images of the Woman, the Man and the Preferred Relationships

This article deals with the images of the woman, the man and the preferred relationships on the material of the dating game show «Love at first sight» (1991 vs. 2011). Plausible reasons of the identified differences in the mental representations of the woman, the man and the preferred relationships are outlined.

Literary Materials of the Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Independent Newspaper) and Social Life in the Middle of the 90s of the XXth Century

In the article the author investigates the process of transformation of literary life publications on the pages of socio-political newspapers in the middle of the 1990s. The mechanisms impacting the formation of a new value system in the momentous period of society development are revealed. The author defines the importance of literary life publications in the perception of newspaper issue information.