«Chekhov Review» of the Journal Zavety (Covenants) (1912–1914)

Journal Zavety (Covenants) focused primarily on Russian classical literature. The article considers several points of view on the personality and legacy of Chekhov that the journal offered to its readers; similar and controversial aspects are distinguished; the outline of the edition programme attitude to the writer is traced.

Media Discourse vs. Newspaper Style

The article is devoted to the comparative investigation of different approaches to linguistic studies of the media language. The following tasks are being solved in the course of our work: theoretical issues concerning the differentiation of the notions of functional style and discourse are defined; the above mentioned studies are analyzed in their relation to each other; distinctive media discourse and newspaper style features are highlighted.

Literary Materials in the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK in the 1920–1923

The article presents the analysis of literary materials published on the pages of the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News) in the 1920–1923, which give an understanding of the requirements imposed on the reader, writer, critic, literary work; the article focuses on the works by P. S. Kogan and A. V. Lunacharsky.

Competence Approach in Tefl for Future Journalists

The article considers the use of various methods in terms of competence approach to teaching future journalists foreign languages.

Communication Failures in the Speech of Contemporary Educational Television Programmes Presenters: Reasons and Consequences

The article examines the main and most common causes of communication failures that can lead to misunderstanding between the presenter of an educational television programme and the mass addressee. However, there are such communication failures that can be prevented.

Communicative Effectiveness of Publications in the Journal Druzhba Narodov (Friendship of Nations) on the National Question: Ethnocultural Aspect

The article offers the ethno-cultural context of analyzing the journal Druzhba Narodov (Friendship of Nations) in order to identify the communicative effectiveness of the publications of the said periodical on national issues.

The First Congress of Soviet Writers as Covered in Literaturnaya Gazeta (Literary Newspaper)

The article analyzes the role of Literaturnaya Gazeta (Literary Newspaper) in the organization of the First Congress of soviet writers in 1934 and the newspaper’s participation in the formation of the myth of the universal attention of Soviet citizens to the literary life of the country.

Interaction Between Literary and Newspaper Discourses in the Context of 1920s

The article analyzes the deformations of boundaries between literary and newspaper texts which took place in the 1920s. The paper identifies reasons and consequences of the levelling of boundaries between the two kinds of verbal art. The research is based on the published and archival works of V. P. Polonsky and pages of the magazine Pechat’ i Revolutziya (Press and Revolution).

Typological Characterization of Mir Iskusstva (the World of Art)

The article defines system features of a special type of periodical that emerged in the early XXth century – a journal-manifesto. The typological assessment of the first representative of this type of media – of the journal Mir Iskusstva (World of Art) – is made.