Scientific section. Journalism

transformation of the national Press of tatarstan Republic During Perestroika

In article the condition of periodicals of Tatarstan Republic in the Tatar language in 1990–1999 is considered, the changes in their ideas and topical orientation are allocated.

Means of Speech Influence of Journalists in Printed Interviews

In the article lexical, syntactic and logical-rhetorical techniques of explicit and implicit speech influence of journalists on the interviewed and on the readers are considered based on the materials of newspaper interviews.

The Image of Woman in Politics as Reflected in Internet Mass Media of the Republic of Tatarstan

In the article the analysis of the image of women-politicians of Tatarstan is suggested, based on the publications in Internet media. On the basis of qualitative content analysis of texts published in the Internet media the classification of image types is given, each of them is characterized. The images of five women-politicians are analyzed in terms of personal and social character traits.

Journalist Education and Philology: Continued Alliance or Contemplated Divorce?

The article deals with the questions related to the role of philological knowledge and literary culture in modern higher education of journalists. In particular, the assertion that the philological subjects proper addressed to the Bachelors of Journalism successfully accomplish their didactic task, being on a large scale practically oriented, is strongly reinforced.

Tthe Manifestation of Social, Ethnic and Cultural Identity in the National Periodicals (Based on the Material of the Chechen Journal NANA)

The article considers the role of national periodicals in the context of national cultural values, which exist in the media. The author considers the problem of social and ethno-cultural identity as a factor in forming the image of the nation.

Writer – Reader – Critic on the Internet

The purpose of the article is to show how and by what means the Internet has influenced the correlation of the concepts ‘author’, ‘reader’, and ‘critic’ in the modern literary process.

«Chekhov Review» of the Journal Zavety (Covenants) (1912–1914)

Journal Zavety (Covenants) focused primarily on Russian classical literature. The article considers several points of view on the personality and legacy of Chekhov that the journal offered to its readers; similar and controversial aspects are distinguished; the outline of the edition programme attitude to the writer is traced.

Media Discourse vs. Newspaper Style

The article is devoted to the comparative investigation of different approaches to linguistic studies of the media language. The following tasks are being solved in the course of our work: theoretical issues concerning the differentiation of the notions of functional style and discourse are defined; the above mentioned studies are analyzed in their relation to each other; distinctive media discourse and newspaper style features are highlighted.

Literary Materials in the Newspaper Izvestiya VZIK in the 1920–1923

The article presents the analysis of literary materials published on the pages of the newspaper Izvestiya VZIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee News) in the 1920–1923, which give an understanding of the requirements imposed on the reader, writer, critic, literary work; the article focuses on the works by P. S. Kogan and A. V. Lunacharsky.