Department of Literary Studies and Journalism: the Present Day

The article considers the main results and perspectives of work of the Department of Literary Studies and Journalism, founded in 1984. The academic interests of the faculty of the Department include communicative strategies in literature and journalism; history of literary criticism and media criticism; problems and history of Russian art, film and theatre; history of censorship in Russia from the 19th century to the present; the relationship between mass media and power in the broadest sense, and other topics.


В предлагаемой статье дан краткий очерк изучения отечественной литературы ХХ века в Саратовском университете в единстве истории страны, истории литературы и истории изучавшей эту литературу кафедры.

Tradition obliges

Yu.N.Borisov, Head of Department of Russian literature and folklore,
offers a short outline of the Department history, showing close links
between rich scholarly tradition of the past and current research.

Human Communication and Life of Language

The article covers stages of development of the Department of Russian Language and Speech Communication. The life of language in human communication formed the basis for Russian language pedagogy, research of the Russian language and educational work of the department. The results of research and staff training, of cooperation with colleagues within Russia are presented.

A.M. Louk’yanenko and Teaching the Slavic Languages at Saratov University

The article presents the activity of A.M. Louk’yanenko (1879 – 1974), the Organizer of the Philology Department which had been set up in 1941 at Saratov University, and the first head of the Slavic-Russian Language Department of Saratov University.

Life and Philological Legacy of Alexandr Pavlovich Skaftymov

V.V. Prozorov draws the portrait of the outstanding Russian scholar Alexandr Skaftymov, offers some reflections on Skaftymov’s original approach to the phenomenon of fiction, and characterizes the basic principles of Saratov philological school, founded by Skaftymov in the middle of the twentieth century.

S.L. Frank at Saratov State University

The article reflects the scholarly activities of Professor S.L. Frank (1917 – 1921), who held the office of the dean of Saratov State University Historical-Philological Department in 1917/18. The article focuses chiefly on such aspects as: the organization of teaching process, lectures and seminars, relationships with students and colleagues, the scholarly work in Saratov. Special attention is paid to the publications from Bakhmeteff Archive (USA): «The program lecture course on the history of ancient philosophy by Prof. S.L.