The proposed text is a cover letter when sending a commemorative medal in honor of the founding in 1921 of Bratislava University. Yana Komensky. The Academic Council of this university in 1926 sent such medals to universities and academies around the world, including to Saratov University, for the purpose of presentation. The medal was discovered by A. Suvorov.

History of Romanic and Germanic Philology at Saratov State University: the 30th Anniversary

The article gives an insight into the history of the Roman, German and English Philology Departments. The authors of the article, the heads of the departments, focus their attention on the scholarly and pedagogical activities from the foundation of the departments to the present day.

Homer, Shakespeare et al.: World Literature and Classics at Saratov State University

The article covers the main periods in the history of Department founded by Professor V.M. Zhirmunsky in 1917 to the present day, the changes in curriculum and teaching methods in both disciplines taught by the Chair – Foreign Literatures and Classics.