Literary criticism

Risk at War Front and in the Rear Areas. Drama by A. F. Pisemsky «Old-timer and New Recruit» (1854) in Its Contemporary Literary and Journalistic Context and in the Creative Biography of the Author

The article contains a first-held comprehensive analysis of one of the less researched early dramas by A. F. Pisemsky «Old-timer and New Recruit» in the context of the development of the playwright’s aesthetics, juxtaposing it to its contemporary journal belles-lettres of the start of the Crimean campaign. Arguments are presented in favour of Pisemsky’s drama being a phenomenon that goes beyond the limits of drama belles-lettres by its aesthetic merits.

Mythologizing of E. A. Boratynsky’s Personality in Russian Literary Criticism of the ХХth Century

Based on the material of biographical studies about E. A. Boratynsky in the literary criticism of the ХХth century the researcher examines the process of the poet’s personality mythologizing, the problem of formation and development of the myth about Boratynsky; the most common characteristics of the emerging biographical myth of the poet are identified.