Happiness Images in Naive Consciousness (Experimental Aspect)

The article is devoted to the definition of content and acting types of correlation structures inside the image of happiness. Actualization intensiveness of constructive cognitive marks is analyzed in different age groups of respondents. Investigation result is structural model creation to show cognitive marks interaction inside the image of happiness.

Headlining Strategies of Modern Texts: Entitling in Poetry and Naming in Advertising

In this article are described some artistically-linguistic strategies of entitling (in poetry) and naming (in advertising) marking a tendency to the activization of aesthetic function in the advertising text and contributing to the presentation of goods as the topical advertising aim.

Modelling Cognitive Contexts of Verbal Irony (on the Material of the Russian and English Languages)

The research represented in the article focuses on the modelling of the process of ironic meaning construction. The modelling is realized in the form of hierarchically organized mental spaces. These are cognitive contexts that provide comprehension of irony.

Stylistic Peculiarities of Dialogue in G. R. Derzhavin’s Poetry (on the Material of the Ode Genre)

In the article we single out stylistic peculiarities of dialogue in G. R. Derzhavin’s poetry, the use of stylistically dissimilar speech elements, purposeful slide in style, uncharacteristic of the classic ode genre.

Metaphorization of Creative Professions Nominations in the Russian Language

The article studies the metaphor of creative professions in the aspect of its functioning and frequency of use in modern communication.

Issues of Lexicographic Description of Word-formation Metaphors

The article deals with the issues of describing the lexical meaning of word-formation metaphors in thesauruses. Various means of defining derivatives with metaphoric motivation are regarded. The reasons of why it is impossible to describe the lexical meaning of some groups of derivatives by means of linking them to the generative word are established.

Roman Dialectisms’ Destiny in the French Language of France and French-speaking America

The peculiarity of territorial variants of French in France and the world is the existence of special sets of dialectisms that have penetrated from Romance dialects which were spoken in the territory of France. The history of these dialects was not the same in different areas, still the dialects have vastly contributed to the fact that the variants of French around the world are either similar or different in terms of their cultural background and structure.

Language Means of Realization of the Tactics of Recognizing the Existence of the Problem and the Tactics of Clarification (on the Materials of the Interviews with A. Merkel)

The article considers communicative tactics used by the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in the process of realizing informationinterpretative strategy in print mass-media which are the main source of fulfilling society information interests.

Meta-language of the Internet Communication: the Issue of Borrowing (on the Material of Spanish and Russian Journalistic Texts)

The article studies the issue of English loan words in the Russian and Spanish languages in information society. The article analyzes the tendencies of the borrowing process and deals with rational and irrational use of loan words in Russian and Spanish journalistic texts.

The Status of Modern German in Tomsk Educational Sphere in the Context of Americanization

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the status component of modern German in the educational sphere of the city of Tomsk. Registered decline of this language is determined by the tendencies to Americanization, by the recognition of English as the only foreign language, and by the democratization of cultural and language policy in the post-war Federal Republic of Germany.