Critique and bibliography

On the Russian Soul to Polish Students

The book under review features a text book on the Russian language for foreign students, published in Poland. The author has included modern texts for discussion; they reveal special characteristics of Russian life and world-view to the foreign students, as well as diverse communicative tasks. The text book is designed for B2-C1 levels.

Remarkable Adventures of a Popular French Novel

The article presents a review of K. A. Chekalov’s monograph on mass French literature of the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries. The author studies the genre, thematic and stylistic changes in popular works on the example of the oeuvre of Gaston Leroux and other famous novelists of the ‘Belle Epoque’ (Leblanc, Souvestre, Allain etc.).

Literary Text as a Diagnosis

The monograph under review is a continuation of the author’s research in the field of visual poetics of the Russian literature. The ‘optics’ proposed in the book allows to see the medical plots of literary texts in a new way, to comprehend aesthetic and existential experience of the disease.

Special Features of Quebec French In the Context of Franco-Quebec Endoglossic Situation

The article reviews a new book Le français québécois entre réalité et idéologie. Un autre regard sur la langue (Quebec French: Between Reality and Ideology. Another Take on the Language) by Lionel Meney, a Canadian linguist. The author discusses the question of how the two variants of French – the Quebec French and the French of France – co-exist on the territory of modern Quebec. L.

“Poetry is an Art Incurably Semantic...”

The monograph under review deals with the issue of the typology of lyrical texts. The researcher focuses on the category of the lyrical plot. The author combines the linguo-poetic approach to text analysis and the advantageous ideas of conceptology, linguosynergy, discourse studies, which renders the research an interdisciplinary character.

A Book that Philologists Should Read

This article is a review of the book by N. I. Klushina Media Stylistics, which considers aspects that change conventional philological views on modern and soviet culture, the literary Russian language, fields of science that study it, and speech in mass media.

“A Very Timely Book”

The article presents the new book by T. D. Belova dedicated to the novel by M. Gorky The Life of Klim Samgin; the problem range of the book and its structure are described.

Not Just ‘A Dash between Two Dates’

The subject of the review is the first volume of the dictionary Russian literary researchers of the 20th century, which contains more than 300 articles devoted to the best representatives of the science of literature of the last century and the trends of literary research that can have a worthy continuation in the 21st century.

Searching for the ‘Wandering Myth’

The monograph under review is devoted to explaining the properties of a good scientific text (integrity, speech consistency, stereotyping, evaluation, abstractness) under the influence of modern discursive changes. It presents the most valuable set of stereotypical speech formulas for all stages of the presentation of scientific thought, universal rules for constructing a scientific text.

Invariables and Codes of the Modern Literature: Theory and Practice

This article is a review of the book by I. V. Nekrasova, dedicated to modern Russian Literature of recent years. The author of this manual presents the analysis of the newest tendences in plodformation, genre modifications, authobiographic strategies and the typology of modern characters. It also highlights the interrelations of fiction and cinematography.