Critique and bibliography

Modern popular culture and literature in the digital age: The phenomenon of multivariance, serialization, transmedia

The article is a review of the collective monograph presented by the team of authors within the framework of the international transdisciplinary project Cult-goods: the phenomenon of mass literature/culture in modern Russia. Published at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, the book has gathered many scientists from diff erent countries whose scientifi c interests are related to the phenomenon of modern mass literature and culture in general. The authors of the articles are philosophers, historians, psychologists, but the vast majority are philologists.

«The rye of science…»

The review of the encyclopedic dictionary M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin and his contemporaries focuses on the relevance, the essential uniqueness and practical applicability of the publication. The dictionary, dedicated to the contemporaries of Saltykov-Shchedrin, is a philological event of great consequence. Any research of the writer’s oeuvre in the social, historical, political, and, by all means, literary contexts makes it possible to consider the author’s biography, his creative intentions and the particulars of their actualization in a consistent manner.

Speech culture in professional communication

Two textbooks on speech culture for the law students are reviewed. Special emphasis is placed on the speech culture aspects of professional communication. The structure of the textbooks is analyzed, as well as the system of tasks and the reference material.

The ‘Principle of absolute doubt’ in Mark Aldanov’s oeuvre

The reviewed monograph of T. I. Dronova presents a multi-layered analysis of M. A. Aldanov’s oeuvre: from the principles of philosophical and historical cognition to narrative strategies. The approach to the legacy of the philosopher and writer suggested by the author allows to reveal the type of his artistic thought and the nature of his dialogue with the predecessors in a very convincing and in many ways novel way. 

Labour, spirituality, courage

A peer-reviewed two-volume book of the memoirs was written by a person passionate about his work. Real, genuine speech is heard here, giving away both a Moscovite, a scientist, and a personality with a magnificent sarcastic flair. The memoirs of V. S. Veselovskiy Problems of Our Life are one of the most informative, noticeable and interesting publications of this kind in the 21st century Russia, and they should be included in the mandatory reading list for the students of humanities.

The Poetry of the Russian Novel

The monograph under review explores the poetics of the Russian novel of the first half of the 20th century. The author focuses on the titular sphere of the works and their inner organization, as well as the rhythm of the composition.

On the Russian Soul to Polish Students

The book under review features a text book on the Russian language for foreign students, published in Poland. The author has included modern texts for discussion; they reveal special characteristics of Russian life and world-view to the foreign students, as well as diverse communicative tasks. The text book is designed for B2-C1 levels.

Remarkable Adventures of a Popular French Novel

The article presents a review of K. A. Chekalov’s monograph on mass French literature of the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries. The author studies the genre, thematic and stylistic changes in popular works on the example of the oeuvre of Gaston Leroux and other famous novelists of the ‘Belle Epoque’ (Leblanc, Souvestre, Allain etc.).

Literary Text as a Diagnosis

The monograph under review is a continuation of the author’s research in the field of visual poetics of the Russian literature. The ‘optics’ proposed in the book allows to see the medical plots of literary texts in a new way, to comprehend aesthetic and existential experience of the disease.