«Жизнь Клима Самгина»

The Issue of Peasantry in M. Gorky’s World View and Oeuvre

The article deals with the topic of peasantry – one of the most important topics in M. Gorky’s socio-cultural paradigm, which still presents a challenge in M. Gorky’s studies. The comprehensive coverage of the problems of ‘town and country’, the ‘peasants and revolution’ based on the biographical facts, prose, essays and the author’s correspondence of the 1920s – early 1930s, conclusively disproves the persistent claim of Gorky’s ‘dislike’ and his ‘distrustful’ attitude towards the peasant.

“A Very Timely Book”

The article presents the new book by T. D. Belova dedicated to the novel by M. Gorky The Life of Klim Samgin; the problem range of the book and its structure are described.