To the Question of the Specificity of a Multicultural Literary Text

The article shows the results of a multicultural literary texts’ analysis aimed at revealing their linguistic and stylistic peculiarities. The emphasis is placed on the methods of applying such a linguistic notion as ‘image response’ as one of the units/means of a multicultural literary text analysis.


The article is devoted to the study of the play of the modern English playwright M. Frein "Wild Honey", which in turn is a translation-interpretation of Chekhov's "Platonov". The article analyzes approaches, ways Frein uses in working with Chekhov's text, and also tries to understand how organically the classical Russian-language text exists in the space of the theatrical culture of England.


In the article some mechanisms of formation of cultural memory in media (secondary) poetry, published on the Internet, are considered. The material of the study was the peculiarities of perception of Pushkin's creativity and biography in the works of network authors and discussions held on the largest Russian-language poetic resource. The subject of analysis is the specificity of mastering the classical heritage in media (secondary) poetry, its mythologization, as well as the reflection of the stable representations of Internet poets about poetry in the treatment of tradition.

The Poet’s Roses: the Poem of Bulat Okudzhava «I don’t Want to Write…» in the Context of Classical Tradition

Okudzhava’s poem is regarded in the context of the classical poetics of rose, in the background of the traditional situation «farewell to the lira». The parallels with Pushkin’s, Batyushkov’s, Boratynsky’s and Khodasevich’s poetry are drawn.

Romance Tradition in Bulat Okudzhava’s Poetry: Poetics of «Vanka Morozov»

The poetic song of Bulat Okudzhava «Vanka Morozov» is regarded as an early manifestation of the poet’s self-determination in the context of the romance tradition. Juxtapositions with the genre thought to be the source of the poem (urban romance), with the parody and stylization of romance in the literature of the XXth century are given. The genesis of the key images and motives is traced. A new interpretation of the romance poetics transformation in Okudzhava’s poetry is offered.

Time and Thing (on the Material of the Poetry by S. Surganova)

In this article the approaches to the research of the poetic and song heritage of S. Surganova are outlined; the author’s ideas of time and space are analyzed.

«It’s a Family Affair – we’ll Settle it Ourselves» Ostrovsky and «Tartyuf or the Deceiver» Moliere: Dramatic Nature of Action, Characters

In the given article the genre comparative typological analysis of the two satirical masterpieces – the French and Russian classical literature, is carried out. Similarities and distinctions on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of the plot and character logical lines according to Classicism (Moliere) and Realism poetics (Ostrovsky) come to light.