A. P. Chekhov and S. V. Rakhmaninov: Some Parallels

The article regards image and notional parallels in the works by A. P. Chekhov and S. V. Rakhmaninov revealing similar features of the writer’s and composer’s artistic outlook as of those who reveal national identity of the Russian art.

Specific Character of Variation of I. I. Kozlov’s Romance Insane in its Folklore Form

The article is dedicated to the identification of the specific character of variation of I. I. Kozlov’s romance Insane in its folklore form. The analysis was made mainly on the basis of archival materials.

Romance Tradition in Bulat Okudzhava’s Poetry: Poetics of «Vanka Morozov»

The poetic song of Bulat Okudzhava «Vanka Morozov» is regarded as an early manifestation of the poet’s self-determination in the context of the romance tradition. Juxtapositions with the genre thought to be the source of the poem (urban romance), with the parody and stylization of romance in the literature of the XXth century are given. The genesis of the key images and motives is traced. A new interpretation of the romance poetics transformation in Okudzhava’s poetry is offered.