pragmatic impact

Pragmatic Orientation of Metaphorical Means of Expression in the Language of Economics (on the Material of the Television Sublanguage in the Federal Republic of Germany)

The article is devoted to the exploration of semantic and stylistic peculiarities of the German media language. The object of the research is specific features of the semantics and pragmatic influence of metaphorical means which are used in economic news broadcasts on FRG TV channel Deutsche Welle to present the global financial crisis. The analysis marks out the basic semantic spheres in which lexical units develop the same kind figurative meaning and gives several tendencies of forming terminology of economics using metaphorisation.

Subjective Aspects of Art Discourse Perception

In this article the communicative and pragmatic approach to art discourse is realized, which assumes that the discourse is obligatorily aimed at an addressee / recipient, without which discourse analysis would be considered incomplete and unaccomplished.