Nomination of the Notion of “Heimat” with Lexeme “Alt” in the Context of the Essays by Russian Germans

The article deals with the analysis of nominations of the notion of “Heimat” with lexeme “alt” made by Russian Germans based on their modern essays. This paper characterizes Russian Germans and their language in terms of contact linguistics and history. Further, the comparative analysis of nomination “alte Heimat” used in relation to Germany and Russia is performed; general and specific points are identified. Comparative and interpretative methods, as well as contextual analysis method, are used in the article.

Varieties and Methods of Nomination in the Names of Abakan Trading Places

The aim of the study is to analyze the methods of nomination in the names of trading places (emporonyms) of Abakan. The analysis is conducted both on the verbal and nonverbal levels of nomination. The author distinguishes morphemic and non-morphemic methods of nomination (compounding, clipping, conversion etc), as well as graphic contamination and graphic parceling.

On the Names of Grain and Milk Dishes in Some Modern Dialects of Ryazan Region

The article deals with the description of one of the fragments of the food stock-list in the dialects of Sarajevo district of Ryazan region. The research presents a linguistic description of the names of grain and milk dishes. This work continues the studies of Ryazan dialects, the materials of which provide an important source for researching the development of lexical dialect system.