In the article some mechanisms of formation of cultural memory in media (secondary) poetry, published on the Internet, are considered. The material of the study was the peculiarities of perception of Pushkin's creativity and biography in the works of network authors and discussions held on the largest Russian-language poetic resource. The subject of analysis is the specificity of mastering the classical heritage in media (secondary) poetry, its mythologization, as well as the reflection of the stable representations of Internet poets about poetry in the treatment of tradition.

Mythologization of the Soviet Intelligentsia in the Short Stories by Tatyana Tolstaya

The article reveals the problem of creating the image of the author in the stories by T. Tolstaya by means of comparing it to the images of the intellectuals of the Stagnation Era, the main characters of the book of stories «Okkervil River». With the help of such techniques as fabulousness, citation and internal spiritual belonging to the intelligentsia author creates a mythology of the Soviet intelligentsia. The main feature of this mythology is decadent humility and desacralization.

Mythologizing of E. A. Boratynsky’s Personality in Russian Literary Criticism of the ХХth Century

Based on the material of biographical studies about E. A. Boratynsky in the literary criticism of the ХХth century the researcher examines the process of the poet’s personality mythologizing, the problem of formation and development of the myth about Boratynsky; the most common characteristics of the emerging biographical myth of the poet are identified.