Evaluation Criteria of Journalistic Activity and Media-Critiсal Genres in Moskovsky Vestnik (Moscow Herald) by M. P. Pogodin

The article analyzes the media-critical texts of M. Pogodin’s Moskovsky Vestnik (Moscow Herald) and identifies the criteria for evaluating journalistic work and works of journalistic creativity, typical for the first third of the 19th century – the period of the journalistic criticism formation. Two most popular genres in journalistic criticism of that time are considered – a letter to the publisher and a review of the periodical press.

‘Negation of the Negation’ in the Media-criticism of the Magazine Journalist of the Last Years of the Soviet ‘Thaw’

The article considers the editorial policy of The Journalist magazine directed by E. V. Yakovlev in 1967–1968 as a phenomena of a comprehensive media-critical edition of the Soviet ‘thaw’ period.
A multi-faceted analysis of the current state and development of mass-media in the USSR and abroad published on the pages of the magazine gave an opportunity to comprehend the social and economic development prospects of the country as a whole.

Round table "History of Media Criticism in Russia"

The article by L.S. Borisova is dedicated to «History of media criticism in Russia» (06.12.2017, The Institute of Philology and Journalism, Saratov State University).

Forms and Functions of Media Criticism in the Soviet Russia of the 1920s

The article specifies the foundations necessary for the media criticism to appear and develop. On the material of the national press Zhurnalist (Journalist), Izvestia (News), Pravda (Truth), Pechat i Revolutsiya (Press and Revolution) the formation of the journalist criticism of the 1920s is shown against the background of the Soviet journalism principles being established; its link with the literary criticism, features of a media criticism statement and its functions are indicated.

The Genre ‘Letter to the Publisher’ As a Form of Journalistic Self-reflection in 1800–1810s (Based on Vestnik Evropy ‘Herald of Europe’)

The article focuses on the origins of national journalistic criticism – the reflections of N. M. Karamzin, V. A. Zhukovsky and other editors of Vestnik Evropy (Herald of Europe) on the journal, on the mission of a socio-political publication. The features of the genre ‘letter to the publisher’ are considered as characteristic of the early XIXth century form of media-critical reflection.

Issues of Media Criticism on the Pages of the Weekly Journal Vsemirnaya Illustraziya (World Illustration)

The article presents a review of the issues of the weekly journal Vsemirnaya Illustraziya (World Illustration) from the point of view of the history of the Russian journalistic criticism. The views of the journal editorial board on the rights and duties of the periodical papers depending on their place in mass media system are elicited.


The article by S. Artemenko is dedicated to «History of media criticism: Results and prospects of work on the project» (06.12.2016, The Institute of Philology and Journalism, Saratov State University).