K. R. (Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich) – reviewer of Bunin’s early poetry

The article deals with the critical review written by the Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov on the third and fourth volumes of Ivan Bunin’s collected works. These two volumes were published by the publishing house “Znanie” partnership. The review was written on February 17, 1909 in the city of Pavlovsk. Its purpose was to pass a resolution on whether or not Bunin should be awarded the Pushkin prize. Analyzing the original poems and translations of the award nominee, the critic K. R.

Fyodor Batyushkov and Ivan Bunin. An unknown autograph

In the Manuscripts and Rare Books Division of the Regional Scientific Library of Saratov State University, an early autograph of Ivan Bunin, which has not yet been introduced in scientific circulation, has been discovered. This is a signed copy of the translation of G. G. Byron’s Manfred published by the “Znanie” Partnership. It is known that Fyodor Batyushkov, holding the post of the editor-in-chief of the magazine Mir Bojiy (The World of God), wrote reviews of the works of authors nominated for the Pushkin Prize.