«Literaturnaya gazeta»

Writer and Socialist Construction (based on Literarnaya Gazeta of the 1930s)

This article examines the role of Literarnaya gazeta (Literary Newspaper) in the campaign to engage the Soviet writers in socialist construction and the definition of the new role of literature.

The First Congress of Soviet Writers as Covered in Literaturnaya Gazeta (Literary Newspaper)

The article analyzes the role of Literaturnaya Gazeta (Literary Newspaper) in the organization of the First Congress of soviet writers in 1934 and the newspaper’s participation in the formation of the myth of the universal attention of Soviet citizens to the literary life of the country.

«The Diary of Literaturnaya Gazeta» as a Form of Reality Reflection in the Middle of 1930s

The article analyzes the material column «The Diary of Literaturnaya Gazeta» and investigates their importance for the development of the paper as a confident newspaper and an expert in the field of literature and art.