idiomatic system

The Idiom as a Way of Representing the Linguistic Picture of the World (on the Material of the Arab Phraseological Units with the Component «Hat»)

The article analyzes Arabic idioms with the nominations of headwear. The structure and semantics of the members of this group are identified. The role of these idioms in representing the linguistic picture of the world of Arab ethnicity is determined.

Slavic Paganism as a Source of Russian and Polish Idiomatic Systems Formation

The article deals with the content of Russian and Polish idiomatic systems from the point of view of the semantic field «Slavic paganism» elements being used in them. The main thematic groups included in the idiomatic systems are singled out. Similarities and differences in the idiomatization of Slavic sacral ideas in Russian and Polish phraseological units have been identified.

Semantic Field «Family» in Russian and English Idiom (Semantic and Cognitive Aspects)

In this article the main trends of the usage of the semantic field «family» in the forming of Russian and English idioms are analyzed; cognitive fundamentals of this process are distinguished.