literary concept

To the Question of the Literary Concept Content‑Structure Feature Research in Linguocultural and Discursive Aspects

The article discusses general theory questions of modern linguistics related to the research of the literary concept phenomenon, its content-structure and functional feature. Special emphasis is placed on the question of the interrelation of the cultural and literary concepts in communicativediscursive aspect.


The article deals with the question of the methods used in the study of artistic concepts. The complexity of this problem is due to the ambiguity of the nature of the artistic concept and the associated entities - the artistic text, the artistic picture of the world.

Concept MERCY in the Russian Linguistic Consciousness and in the Writer’s Idiostyle

The evolution of the concept MERCY is researched in the Russian linguistic consciousness; the concept is analyzed in many aspects; the concept’s functioning in the writer’s idiostyle is examined on the material of A. S. Pushkin’s literary heritage.

Concept of Another in Concept Spheres of the Dursleys and D. Malfoy (in novels by J. K. Rowling about Harry Potter)

This article presents a comparative characterization of the structure and modes of representation of a concept ANOTHER in the concept spheres of two character types in the novels by J. K. Rowling about Harry Potter.