art discourse

To the Question of the Ludic Function of the Precedent Phenomena in a Literary Discourse

The article touches upon several aspects of precedent phenomena functioning in the literary discourse. The peculiarities of using precedent phenomena in the ludic function are explained not only in terms of mundane communication which is reflected in the literary discourse but also with regard to the inner mechanisms of a literary work. The article discusses several specificities of how precedent phenomena are used in order to create a word play. The author also puts forward a suggestion that the ludic function of a precedent phenomenon may determine its form.

Communicative and Discoursive Aspect of the Study of the Symbol of Culture (based on the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by Amy Tan)

The article discusses the issues related to the problems of communicative-discoursive variation of symbols of culture in the fictional text. The material of the research is the novel «The Joy Luck Club» by the modern American writer of the Chinese origin Amy Tan.

Subjective Aspects of Art Discourse Perception

In this article the communicative and pragmatic approach to art discourse is realized, which assumes that the discourse is obligatorily aimed at an addressee / recipient, without which discourse analysis would be considered incomplete and unaccomplished.