Dialect in German Language Fairy Tales (Study Relevance and Interpretation Examples)

The article deals with the German dialect, which has recently been drawing the increasing amount of attention in German-speaking countries. Nowadays, the verbal genre of telling fairy tales is popular there, and fairy tales are related and represented by means of dialect more frequently. The authors of the article analyze the use of different dialecticisms and their textual functions on the example of the interpretation of two of the brothers Grimms’ fairy tales, in which separate dialect words from the Plattdeutch and the Hessen dialect are used.

Roman Dialectisms’ Destiny in the French Language of France and French-speaking America

The peculiarity of territorial variants of French in France and the world is the existence of special sets of dialectisms that have penetrated from Romance dialects which were spoken in the territory of France. The history of these dialects was not the same in different areas, still the dialects have vastly contributed to the fact that the variants of French around the world are either similar or different in terms of their cultural background and structure.