Major Means of Expressing Positive Aesthetic Evaluation in «Le Roman de la Rose» by G. de Lorris and J. de Meung

The article considers linguistic means of positive aesthetic evaluation in the medieval allegorical French poem «Le Roman de la Rose». A range of linguistic contexts containing evaluative components are studied, specific axiological means and principles of contributing to the lexis of aesthetic evaluation are analyzed.

Modal Specificity of the Russian Hand-Written Newspaper Vesti-Kuranty (News-Chimes)

The article deals with specificity of language modality realization in the texts of the Russian hand-written newspaper Vesti-Kuranty (News- Chimes). The peculiarities of functioning of propositional modality explicators (objective and situational modality) which create an objective basis of the information messages in newspaper texts are established; modal-evaluative semantic meanings and ways of their realization are revealed; the mechanism of objective-modal and subjective-modal meanings interaction is analyzed.

Russian Metaphor in Diachrony: Major Trends in the Development of Transfers in the Object Sphere

In the article major tendencies in the development of the Russian object metaphorical subsystem are elicited; semantic and cognitive description of the main metaphoric models in diachrony is presented.