цифровая эпоха

Modern popular culture and literature in the digital age: The phenomenon of multivariance, serialization, transmedia

The article is a review of the collective monograph presented by the team of authors within the framework of the international transdisciplinary project Cult-goods: the phenomenon of mass literature/culture in modern Russia. Published at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, the book has gathered many scientists from diff erent countries whose scientifi c interests are related to the phenomenon of modern mass literature and culture in general. The authors of the articles are philosophers, historians, psychologists, but the vast majority are philologists.

To the Question of Chuvash Press Hybridization: Trends and Prospects

The article considers how the system of Chuvash printed mass media transforms in the digital era; the authors characterize the hybridization of the district, municipal and republican press. The authors identify the special character of the issues’ interaction with the new media and emphasize the necessity of optimizing the journalists’ work with the help of new technological opportunities.